Molybdenum Molybdenum powder pen
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Molybdenum powder pen.
Unfortunately, unless they changed their name, this pen is not from the same company that made the 30 pounds of molybdenum powder I have (see above). But it was obviously made (probably in the 50s judging from the condition) by someone with a great passion for molybdenum powder. It's an ordinary pen, but sealed in a little capsule is a little bit of what I can only assume is in fact molybdenum powder.
Should you worry about your kid chewing on a molybdenum powder pen? Although my bottles of molybdenum powder (see above) have dire health warnings on them, molybdenum is actually one of the less toxic metals, even in powdered form. The consequences of eating this pen would probably be minimal, largely limited to wondering why on earth you let you kid get into your element collection in the first place, and a sense of relief that they found this one instead of the uranium ore powder pen.
Source: eBay seller oldboytoyz
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 9 November, 2003
Price: $18.50
Size: 6"
Purity: 99%
Sample Group: Powders