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3D3DSolid titanium dive knife.
I wrote a column for Popular Science about fake titanium products (for example, a "titanium" golf club that is actually made of ordinary aluminum). In that column I discuss "titanium" knives and scissors, which are typically actually steel with a titanium nitride coating. This isn't fake, in that there is real titanium being used in a sensible way, but at the same time they are not really solid titanium either. In fact, I say in that article that solid titanium cutting tools don't exist and wouldn't really make much sense, since titanium nitride coated steel would stay sharper much longer, and is therefore actually a higher quality product than solid titanium would be.
But of course, I failed to take into account the scuba diving industry, which likes all things titanium. (You can read about this in the description of my solid titanium crowbar.) This is a solid titanium dive knife (plastic handle removed to show how the titanium core extends all the way through the handle). It really is solid titanium, it passes the spark test described in my Pop Sci article.
Source: eBay seller scubadiscount
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 3 February, 2008
Text Updated: 3 February, 2008
Price: $75
Size: 9"
Purity: >94%