Anthony J. DeAngelis (1)

Anthony DeAngelis is apparently hard to contact. I got his email address ( from a website about Lichtenberg figures, and when I inquired about buying one, he wrote back after some time saying his computer died and he would not be able to respond to further email, but if I wanted one I could sent a check to Anthony J. DeAngelis, 193 Brookside Parkway, Medford, MA. 02155. I did, and he sent me a beautiful Lichtenberg figure. It turns out he is associated with Bert Hickman who runs a website about Lichtenberg figures, and who now actually has some for sale. If you want one, check his website and his current eBay auctions.

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Text and images Copyright (c) 2010 by Theodore W. Gray.
Electrons Lichtenberg figure
Lichtenberg figure.
Source: Anthony J. DeAngelis
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 1 January, 2003
Text Updated: 11 August, 2007
Price: $28
Size: 5"
Purity: 0%