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3D3DSilver bellows.
This strange object was discarded by a research lab: It's old and tarnished, but presumably at one time it was bright, shiny, and expensive. Why someone would make a bellows closed at one end (so you can't even use it as a flexible connector) out of silver is a mystery to me.
If you look at the 3D spin video of this sample you will discover that hidden inside it is a small perforated metal cone, which turns out to be even more exotic than the bellows: It's made of pure platinum (look under platinum to see this object up close). No idea why it's inside, this object was photographed by my assistant Nick. Maybe he left it inside to see if I look at the rotations before posting them? Ha, well, I'll just leave this note here and see if he ever reads my descriptions after I post them.
Source: Anonymous
Contributor: Theodore Gray
Acquired: 2 December, 2007
Text Updated: 8 March, 2008
Price: Donated
Size: 2"
Purity: 99%