Ed Pegg Jr (42)

Ed is arguably responsible for almost all the donated elements, because it was only through his featuring of my table on his math puzzle website (mathpuzzle.com), which started the slashdot discussion, that other people became aware of it. He also helped engrave all the atomic weights and densities.

Click any element tile below to get the full entry for that element, or click on the sample picture to go directly to the description of that sample.

Text and images Copyright (c) 2010 by Theodore W. Gray.
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Bismuth Eggs
Source: Mr. Bismuth
Contributor: Ed Pegg Jr
Acquired: 15 April, 2002
Price: $20
Size: 2"
Purity: >99%
Uranium Marbles
Source: Ed Pegg Jr
Contributor: Ed Pegg Jr
Acquired: 24 July, 2002
Price: Donated
Size: 0.5"
Purity: <5%
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