Chromium Huge pile of bumpers
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Huge pile of bumpers. (External Sample)
The local bumper factory in my town used to send their mistakes to Macros Scrap Metal. It must have been a really bad day at the factory to create this huge pile of chrome-plated car and truck bumpers. You cannot begin to imagine how dazzlingly bright this pile was in the blazing sun on a cold winter's day. Sadly, Macro's contract with the factory requires them to destroy all the bumpers, so I was not able to take home a sample.
As is typical of chrome plated objects, nearly all the metal you see in this picture is chromium, yet chromium represents only a minuscule fraction of the total weight of the objects, because it is nothing but a thin plating on the outside.
Location: Marco's Scrap Metal
Photographed: 18 January, 2000
Text Updated: 8 February, 2009
Size: 180"
Purity: 0.001%